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Tips for a Poppin' Resume

Tips for a Poppin' Resume
YOU ASKED, WE DELIVERED. Many of you have asked for advice on how to improve your resume. There is no secret sauce or standard method for creating a “proper” resume, but there are ways to help increase your chances of being contacted by a recruiter or hiring manager.Start with a standard resume template. Learning to create an eye catching resume requires effort and consistency. If you’re still having trouble getting started, consider using a model from online or google documents. Here are 7 tips for a poppin' resume!   
1. WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW? Use a reverse-chronological format, (what’s that you ask?). This means starting from your most recent/current employer to your first job experience. It will be easier for an employer to understand your previous work history and what skills you have learned along the way.A functional resume presents your skills and competencies. It does not focus on your career path because there is no timeline of your employment history. This format is sometimes recommended to candidates who have gaps in employment to help not show differences.Pick a style that sells you but makes it easy to understand your career trajectory. The hiring manager to whom you’re sending your resume only cares about the business problem they are dealing with right now. You want your resume to communicate that you understand the business and that you can solve the problem.    
“Your resume should always be short and sweet, but strategic enough to where you’re displaying all of your strong points that complement the job you’re applying for. Portraying relevant information of your past experiences in a well thought out concise way could make or break a potential company from hiring you.” -Sharifa Murdock    
2. KEYWORDS ARE QUEEN: Using keywords would help draw attention to the significant parts of your role at a company.Make sure the words are appropriate to the description of the job and continue this technique throughout your resume. If you're not sure what keywords should be included, create a brainstorm sheet of a job description.   
3.  GIRL DID YOU DOUBLE CHECK? Proofread! After you read it, pass it to a peer so they can read it also.You can also use tools like Grammarly to catch typos, spelling errors, or grammatical mistakes. If your resume has too many errors, it conveys that you lack attention to detail.   
4. KNOW HER: Highlight your achievements, skills, and education.A resume with no achievements lacks an understanding of how you gained experience.Create a narrative on how you would sell yourself through your skills, accomplishments, and education.Think back to your current roles and previous roles and what you did that actually stuck after you learned it. Reading a resume that has a list of job duties is not fun.   
5. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED THAT: Examine your resume for unneeded information to help create space for more valuable information. If it doesn't promote you, take it out.   
6. CTRL + ALT + DELETE: No need for an “objective” statement.Instead, create a personal summary, which is an overview of your personality and skills.   
7. ONE OF ONE: Customize your resume for each specific role you apply for. It conveys your understanding of the role and the business’s problems, and it emphasizes your strengths and how they relate to the job.