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Become an 

envsn ambassador 

Your future self will thank you.

About the ambassador program:

ENVSN is looking for college students to join their ambassador program to get the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of different industries; from beauty to fashion to entertainment. 

This program is all about creating opportunity for representation in the world of creatives. Through this program, students will be exposed to different opportunities to jump start their career path while they learn about companies through programming, workshops and mentorship. 

Must be: 

College students that are able to gain credit through an internship. Nation wide. Interested in gaining more experience in departments like Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design. Applications open now for a 4 month long ambassador program.


Learn from older industry professionals that have been there before. Our mentorship program helps you navigate and grow your career the right way.

Free Product & Fun Events

Get free goodies from some of your favorite brands! Attend live events to network with colleagues, industry leaders, and celebrities.

Invaluable Relationships

Empowered women empower women. This community has done some amazing things together - starting successful businesses and life-long friendships just to name a few.

Past campaigns


ENVSN partnered with fifteen smart, skincare + beauty-obsessed college students to become an Clinique Ambassador. The ambassadors gained hands-on experience with brand marketing, gained valuable professional insight, and built valuable relationships with The Estée Lauder Companies HQ in NYC.


In 2019 ENVSN partnered with Ciroc to organize a mentorship program 


In 2019 ENVSN partnered with Ciroc to organize a mentorship program 

Ready to join the envsn ambassador program?