Wolftyla - Singer / Songwriter

Wolftyla is a popular social media sensation best known for her short music videos on Vine and other social media platforms. A talented star, she is seen by many as a major inspiration to the younger generation due to her impressive roles and achievements in the internet community.

Wolftyla owes her meteoric rise to prominence to her hit track – Feels – which is the biggest of all her projects. She also has her mother to thank for the success she is enjoying now – the Viner’s mother is her biggest fan and has always been there for her right from the beginning of her career.

Besides the popularity Feels brought her way, the internet sensation is also famed for her laudable achievements and influential roles in her group – The Wolf Pack, popularly known as the WolfMovement.

According to reports, Wolftyla founded the movement following her victory over a clinical depression that almost brought her to her knees. As gathered, the movement was established to promote positivity in the lives of young men and women and also spread love among everyone, especially up-and-coming stars