Female Founded Businesses and Communities You Can Support

Check out the list below of small businesses founded by our very own ENVSN ambassadors, friends, and family!

  1. Youma's Beauty: The mission at Youma's Beauty is to empower women with natural hair and educate society.
  2. LaSette : LaSette is a lingerie brand whose mission is to create depth in your every day, challenge the norm, and give you the power to feel and look good!
  3. ForWMN: Accessories for BOLD WMN. 
  4. Le Bandz: Headband support for medical face masks. 
  5. Made by Cov'l:  Transforming everyday basics into unique, compelling statement pieces. 
  6. The Power Thread: Storytelling and humanizing social media
  7. Mentl:  Changing the way we think and feel about mental health.
  8. She.Nails.It: Editorial manicurist selling press-on nails!
  9. Hanahana Beauty: All-natural, handcrafted skincare brand set to disrupt the global beauty industry through transparency, sustainability + accessibility 
  10. HILA: Clothing brand that repurposed fall/winter silk duchess satin into 100% silk face masks. For every mask, they sell they will donate 10x of 100% cotton face masks to nonprofit orgs that empower and serve our communities. 
  11. Goddess Council: IRL gatherings for real convos/deep connection in cozy spaces!