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How to celebrate International Day of Peace in a world that seems so destructive

How to celebrate International Day of Peace in a world that seems so destructive

We've teamed up with Sidney Blair, Founder of Lucid Healing Co on how we can celebrate International Day of Peace in a world that seems so destructive? We have to come together and keep moving forward. We can’t stop, we can’t wait, we have to move forward & we have to do it now. Taking care of the whole is important, but we all must help ourselves before helping others. 

After years of self-healing, I became a Certified Reiki Master & opened my boutique business, Lucid Healing Co. Through the use of Reiki, Crystals, Meditation & more I encourage people to focus on inner work to overcome traumas & reach their highest potential. Today, I’m going to share my favorite tips on welcoming inner peace & healing so that we may all move the universal consciousness forward, one healed person at a time.  

  1. Crystals: Yes, crystals. They’ve been around for hundreds of thousands of years, some of them millions. All crystals hold different energetic properties & can aide you on your path in different ways. Scolecite, Mangano Calcite, Celestite, Selenite and Apophyllite are my favorites for inner peace & self-love. Simply holding these stones in your hands, pockets or even just having them on your desk while you work can bring about a calming, loving, angelic outlook.
  2. Meditation: Okay, we’ve all heard this one. We’ve all probably tried it once or twice and given up. Meditating can seem intimidating. We all have a thousand things going on at once and have the world at our digital fingertips. Our minds race with thoughts. Did you know the average human has 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day and about 80% of them are the same as the day before? That means you are constantly programming yourself & you might not even be aware of the thoughts you are filling yourself up with. By making a commitment to sit for 15 minutes every morning, you are making a commitment to take time and listen to yourself! You have the opportunity to truly listen to how your mind speaks to you, which gives you the power to change your life.  *pro tip, hold a crystal while you meditate for even better results*
  3. Breathing: Did you know the perfect breath is 5.5 seconds in & 5.5 seconds out. This comes out to 5.5 breaths per minute. If you feel on edge, anxious, scared, tired, try counting your breaths and feel your heart rate drop and you mind begin to calm. Google even has an online breathing tool that will count for you!

With the world in chaos, it's important, now more than ever, that you’re able to find some inner peace. I hope these tips helped. If you have questions, DM me on Instagram!