Shelly is from Queens NY. Today she lives in Brooklyn NY. She studied Marketing in school and today is a beauty entrepreneur. This story was submitted in collaboration with ENVSN.

What did you study in school and why?

I studied Marketing and PR. The reason I chose these majors was because I wanted to be apart of creating campaigns and events. I thought the concept of getting paid for my creative ideas was something I would love doing for a long time.

What is your job/career?

I’m a travel and beauty business owner/ entrepreneur. I own a travel concierge company called Travelrush Inc. and a beauty brand called BeautyKing.

What is a challenge you faced or currently face and how are you overcoming it?

One of my biggest challenges is finding time to run two separate businesses on my own. I am a control freak so delegating task to be completed by someone else gives me anxiety. I am learning that I need to hire people who specialize in particular areas who can help relieve the load I carry. One person can’t do everything, you need a team to build an empire.

What does it mean for you to be powerful?

It means that I have the will and perseverance to complete or tackle any project or obstacle that may come my way. Real power to me is being able to say something and see your words become reality. It also means that your gifts, talents or ideas can directly affect large masses of people in a positive way to enrich their lives.

Do you have a favorite product or item you love that makes you feel great?

It can be clothing, soap, socks, or anything. : My favorite product that makes me feel amazing is my Louis Vuitton “Rose des Vent” perfume. It was a splurge but it’s my signature smell and I get noticed as soon as I step in a room. It’s feminine yet strong and gives you rich auntie vibes.

What are your passions, hobbies, interests?

My ultimate passion is travel. I love to travel every 3-4 months out the year and I’m on my second passport in less then 5 years. I learn so much when I travel and I collect memories to last me a lifetime. One thing I think is cool about myself is that I love trying new hobbies. I literally will write down a new hobby I need to try maybe once every two months. I’ve been to photography class, professional boxing classes, acting classes, French class, script writing class, jewelry making class, etc. I love to learn new things and know a little bit about a wide range of subjects.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I think it’s important to remember that a dream is just a dream. If you want something work needs to be put into everything you do. Execution is very important in all aspects of life. Someone might have the same idea as you but may not complete it in the same way that you can. The results therefore can be vastly different. I think it’s important to be “intentional” in whatever you do. Don’t just do things to do them, make everything purposeful.