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Election season is upon us! Each day we grow closer and closer to November 3rd, where we will have the ability to change the course of our nation’s policies. Although the presidential nomination will take precedent to all electives, the political stances of other offices (both national and local) will also be put into our hands. As a result, we must educate ourselves on both large and small-scale issues (including healthcare, education, human rights, and accessibility to local resources) that will impact our day-to-day lives. 

As young Millennials and Gen-Z citizens, it may be difficult to see how our singular vote can make an impact on the bigger picture. However, we collectively hold the power- and responsibility- to make progressive and effective social change. Over the past few years, the raw number of eligible Millennial and Gen-Z voters has increased, where 1 in 10 of the latter hold eligibility. Furthermore, the population of racial and ethnic minority citizens has grown, indicating a more diverse voting pool. Ultimately, these groups can collectively shift power and catalyze change.

Election season can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate, but at the end of the day, you hold the power to impact the country in the ways you desire. So next time you think that your vote doesn’t matter- it does! It is not only your privilege but your right!


Unregistered to vote? Unsure of what causes or issues to consider? Here are some resources that you can access to prepare yourself (and others!) for this upcoming Election Day. Remember- your opinion and your vote matter!

-Rock the Vote: A “trusted and effective nonprofit dedicated to building political power,” Rock the Vote is an organization directed towards young millennial and gen-z audiences. This platform provides its users with direct information on the importance of voting, registration, and literacy- all complete with direct links and step-by-step how-to’s.

-HeadCount: A non-partisan organization targeted towards festival and concert-goers, HeadCount is a program that encourages voter registration and education on civic participation. In addition to event-based initiatives, their website offers voter registration materials and direct information for community members and/or volunteers.

-Do Something: Do Something is a nonprofit organization that encourages young people to make positive social change. Offering information on voting registration, social justice, education, and other issues, this organization educates its users so that they can inform and give back to their community.

-Global Citizen: Global Citizen is an online community and news platform that showcases the world’s biggest political, environmental, and sociological issues in conjunction with poverty/inequality. It provides its users with verified information and how they can take action to the causes in which they find most important.

-US Census Bureau: The US Census is a resource that provides timely and informative socioeconomic data about the American population. It allows its users to access information in regards to family status, education, health, political status, and its varying intersections.

-Politico: Politico is an international media outlet that provides current news on politics and policy. Offering reliable, unbiased, and fact-based information, Politico provides up-to-date reports in print, digital, and podcast formats.

-Reuters: A subsidiary of multimedia conglomerate Thomson Reuters, Reuters is an international business and financial multimedia organization that provides objective, fact-checked, and unbiased news reports.